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Swap Meet Address

1881 W Baseline St.

San Bernardino, CA 92411

Required Items

- Valid Identification

- Auto Insurance

- CA Seller's Permit

Seller's Permit

Apply Online, it's FREE

Click to Apply - Aplique por el Permiso Aqui

In -Person

Office in Riverside

3737 Main Street, Suite 1000

Riverside, CA 92501


Vendor Market/Swap Meet Address:

1881 W  Baseline St.

San Bernardino, CA 92411


Vendor Entrance: 2:30pm-4:45pm

Event: 4pm-10pm


Vendor Exit: 10:05pm-10:40pm

Must be in by 4:45pm or space is forfeited without refund - Must be out by 10:45pm  or penalty will be given.

Space Renewal

Payment must be received by 3pm , Tuesday to secure your current space. Unpaid spaces will be released after 3pm.

Business License

Apply Online or In Person


Office Information: 

City of San Bernardino

Business Registration
201 North E Street, Space 201A
San Bernardino, CA 92401

P: (909) 384-5302

Vendor Agreement

All vendors at time of space purchase agree to the terms in our Vendor Agreement.

Vendor Agreement

Food Vendors

All food vendors must have a Temporary Food  Facility Permit from the County of San Bernardino Dept. of Public Health.

Food Permit

Apply for: Annual Temporary Food Facility Permit - Vendor


Office Information: 

Dept. of Public Health

Environmental Health Services

385 N. Arrowhead Ave,. 2nd Floor
San Bernardino, CA 92415

P: (800) 442-2283 Text or Call

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